Stubborn Fat Loss, Fat Reduce Treatment Jackson Hole

Get rid of stubborn fat without surgery


Achieving the body you want is now possible with SculpSure's light-based, non-surgical body-contouring system to treat areas of stubborn fat that seem resistant to diet and exercise. JH Body Sculpting helps you achieve the shape you want in just 25 minutes with zero downtime.

Do you live a healthy active lifestyle, but have annoying pockets of fat that just wont go away? Or perhaps you can't seem to get rid of your post-baby belly? 

Perhaps you have thought about body contouring procedures before, but do not want to have surgery, or just don't have time in you busy schedule to recover from a procedure? JH Body Sculpting using SculpSure's light-based body-contouring system may be the solution for you.   




SculpSure is a quick body contouring procedure that eliminates stubborn fat with out surgery or downtime.  During the FDA approved treatment you are awake and comfortable as laser light energy is used for proven results. A consultation is the first step towards the body you want.



Your transformation starts with a complementary consultation.  Together, we will develop a customized plan to address your individual concerns.  We will discuss your body, your goals and your budget. A Medical History Form will be taken as well as before treatment pictures(for you and your clinician only). This insures your safety and excellent outcome.  You will leave this appointment feeling at ease and thoroughly informed.


Relax! Sit back and read or check emails, perhaps chat with your clinician. It is QUICK! Once the device is positioned on the area to be treated, you will experience warmth and cooling sensations for 25 minutes as the laser targets unwanted fat cells. As the fat cells are heated, they are destroyed.  Over time, your body naturally eliminates the dead cells.  You can return to work and your regular activities including exercise immediately.


In the weeks and months following your treatment your body naturally processes the destroyed fat cells.  You will start to see a new you! A short return appointment is necessary for post treatment pictures.  Treated cells are permanently destroyed, however additional sessions may further enhance your results.



With Dr. Douglas George and his dedicated staff you are choosing over 40 years combined experience. You can rest assured your treatment preformed in a medical office, will be safe, effective and your privacy ensured.


Dr. George embarked on his medical career at the Chicago Medical School.  Amid the chaos and excitement of inner city hospitals such as Cook County, he was drawn to OB/GYN: an uplifting specialty that helped bring new life into the world as well as offer the opportunity to perform procedures and provide care that made women’s lives better.  Dr. George has had the privilege of providing care for the people of Jackson Wyoming for over fifteen years.

Jenny Christensen has a Bachelors from the University of Utah. She has been a  Certified Laser Technician for over 13 years and is a Master Esthetician. She enjoys offering her patients renewed confidence and brings extensive knowledge and experience to the team.

Megan Foster is a Nutrition Therapy Consultant with a Bachelors from the University of Vermont. She is also a Registered Yoga Instructor. Her passion for local, nutrient dense, whole foods is catching.